About Us



Who are we?

Sakura Art Malaysia is an online store owned by Famous Stationers Sdn. Bhd. (FSSB), selling Sakura Japan’s Art Materials. FSSB was founded on 5th April 1999 in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia distributing stationeries and other sundry goods. After the G’Soft brand created was in 2003, FSSB joined hands with Sakura Color Products Corporation Japan 10 years later to become the sole distributor of Sakura’s Art Materials in Malaysia. 

What we sell?

We offer the best quality of Sakura art materials and writing instruments.


Why choose us?

Quality Control
Sakura Color Products Corporation Japan’s products are highly recommended for its finest quality and durability. Their Osaka and Kagoshima Factories have acquired certification of worldwide accepted quality management system “ISO9001” in 2013. Sakura Japan has been continuously inventing leading edge inspiring color products since inception in1921 as a crayon company.

Renowned for its “Cray-pas” invented in 1925, this first-ever oil pastel that combined oil and pigment has contributed significantly to the development of art education in schools. In 1982, they invented the water-based pigment ink “PIGMA”, the first of its kind in the world which is used in Pigma Micron®, Graphic and Brush pens. Today, the Pigma ink continues to be the most reliable archival quality ink on the market and is loyally favoured by architects, calligraphers, scientists, artists, cartoonists, and scrapbookers.

Japan’s patent office awarded Sakura the prestigious Inventors Award in 2000 for the recognition of Sakura’s success in developing the world’s first gel ink pen, the Gelly Roll ® line.

Besides that, Sakura Japan is also dedicated on tackling various environmental issues, including promoting energy conservation and the prevention of environmental contamination. With this concern in mind, they have replaced harmful packaging materials with environmentally-friendly materials as part of their conservation efforts.


How to contact us?

We welcome any suggestions, comments, feedbacks or enquiries about our products. We are reachable by email support@sakuraartmalaysia.com  or whatsapp at 012-7850870 . We will get back to you as soon as possible. The response time may vary depending on the amount of research required. We thank you for your understanding.


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